Sunil Chalamalasetty, an ideological leader for the next generation, champions innovation and social responsibility, inspiring transformative change and guiding future leaders towards a brighter tomorrow.

Vision for Kakinada
Change is not a destination. Change is a continuous process. I am here to build upon the development done by the previous governments and illustrious leaders who represented Kakinada in parliament till now. I am a self-made businessman, and I am proud of my achievements. As your representative in Delhi, I will ensure that Kakinada remains the focus of all the central ministries. I want to create hundreds, if not thousands, of business people like me in the region.
Littel About Me

leader for next generation

Sunil Chalamalasetty's journey commenced in the picturesque Veeravaram village in Kirlampudi Mandal, East Godavari district. Born to the accomplished Dr. Surendranath and Mrs. Venkatalakshmi-formerly the Municipal Chairman of Machilipatnam-Sunil and his brothers imbibed the importance of education from their early years. With his father dedicating himself to a service-oriented profession in Europe and the USA, Sunil's formative years unfolded in the Godavari and Krishna regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Aligned with his father's vision of providing the right exposure, Sunil ventured to France to pursue a Bachelor's degree in International Business at Schiller International University, Strasbourg. Despite hailing from a prestigious Indian family, Sunil encountered economic challenges in France, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter.

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How we can build a better city together!

Fostering economic growth through infrastructure and entrepreneurship, we create a thriving city where opportunities abound.
Jobs &
Addressing job creation and unemployment, we strive for a balanced economy that empowers all individuals.
Roads &
Transport Service
Improving roads and transportation services enhances accessibility and connectivity, facilitating smoother urban mobility.
Business &
Promoting a diverse business landscape fosters innovation and drives economic prosperity in our city.
Cultural &
Social Enrichment
Cultural & Social Enrichment initiatives foster diversity and community cohesion, nurturing a vibrant city fabric.

Political Journey

Sunil's pursuit of international exposure led him to France, where he earned his Bachelors in International Business. Despite financial challenges, he persevered, later attaining an MBA in Business Finance from the University of Hull, United Kingdom. Sunil's resourcefulness and determination shone through as he ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing successful companies in the IT and telecom sectors.

His commitment to quality over quantity in hiring not only generated wealth but also provided employment opportunities, especially for the youth in Andhra Pradesh. Sunil's success abroad inspired him to bring his expertise back to his roots. Destiny led him to Kakinada, where he saw the potential for an even greater success story.

More than the pull of Megastar Chiranjeevi, it was the opportunity to build a party from scratch that made Sunil Chalamalasetty start his political innings with the Praja Rajyam Party in 2009. He lost narrowly, but against a political heavyweight. Even the next two elections were highly challenging. In 2014, it was again a new party, YSRCP, which was contesting assembly elections throughout the state for the first time, and in 2019, he fought against a strong Jagan wave. Both times he stood second but he got the support of 5 lakh voters which is almost half of the electorate in the constituency.

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