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Sunil Chalamalasetty's journey commenced in the picturesque Veeravaram village in Kirlampudi Mandal, East Godavari district. Born to the accomplished Dr. Surendranath and Mrs. Venkatalakshmi-formerly the Municipal Chairman of Machilipatnam-Sunil and his brothers imbibed the importance of education from their early years. With his father dedicating himself to a service-oriented profession in Europe and the USA, Sunil's formative years unfolded in the Godavari and Krishna regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Aligned with his father's vision of providing the right exposure, Sunil ventured to France to pursue a Bachelor's degree in International Business at Schiller International University, Strasbourg. Despite hailing from a prestigious Indian family, Sunil encountered economic challenges in France, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter.

Realizing that he needed to fight alone in that brave new world, Sunil enrolled in an MBA in Business Finance at the University of Hull, United Kingdom. He even worked at a local restaurant to make ends meet. Impressed by Sunil's resourcefulness and initiative, the manager of the restaurant invested in Sunil's first startup, an IT services company. Soon he became the most preferred by clients due to his preference for quality over quantity in hiring manpower.

Sunil didn't stop there and went on to found more companies in the IT and alternative telecom sectors catering to a diverse customer market. In doing so, he not only created wealth but also provided employment to many youngsters from India, especially from the coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh. Many of them settled down in Europe with the help of Sunil Chalamalasetty. This success of Sunil was in contrast to the downturn in the IT sector around the same time in Silicon Valley.

Becoming a trailblazer and a serial entrepreneur, Sunil achieved in his thirties what many could only achieve in their sixties. At the peak of his career in a foreign land, Sunil felt that all the experience and exposure he gained could be of use to his own people back home. The green landscape of the Godavari region offered scope for an even bigger success story. And destiny brought Sunil Chalamalasetty to Kakinada.

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